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About Institute

MGM Film Arts is one of the most updated film schools in India with easy access to the students of the ‘State-Of-The-Art’ Film making facilities.

MGM Film Arts firmly believes that film is an art and every student of MGM Film Arts needs to be groomed as an artist first. Hence, alongside robust facilities likefilm cameras, editing studios, sound recording studio, color lab,  there istop-notch mentoring from experts in the film making field.

MGM Film Arts is constituent of the well reputed MGM College of Journalism & Mass Communication under the Mahatma Gandhi Mission University, state self-financed university with 2(f) status of UGC.



The institute aims to offer young, aspirant film makers an interdisciplinary and dynamic milieu where they learn technical skills and critical awareness of advancements in film making viz. film direction, film editing, acting for films, cinematography, sound design, product design & art direction, VFX & animation and screen writing. The  instituteboasts of exceptional Advanced Video Editing setup, VFX labs, Colour Grading Labs, Sound Designing Lab, Film City commercial style theatre for direct satellite projection and many other facilities to enhance the students hands-on learning experience.

Our Courses

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