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About MGM Film Arts:

MGM Film Arts is one of the most updated film schools which provides not only the mentoring by personalities from film industry, but also gives a free access of ‘State-Of-The-Art’ Film making facilities to the students. There are two major streams in the academics of cinema, film studies and film making. Film studies unfortunately focuses on the philosophical or discussion oriented part of studying cinema, where film making focuses on the technical aspect of film making. We at MGM Film Arts firmly believe that film is an art and every student of MGM Film Arts needs to be groomed as an artist first of all. Hence along with the mentoring from film professionals we also provide “state-of-the-arts” film making facilities like film cameras, editing studios, sound recording studio, color lab, etc. MGM Film Arts is constituent to MGM College of Journalism & Mass Communication.

Vision & Mission

The vision of Mahatma Gandhi Mission is to offer the young aspiring film professionals an interdisciplinary and dynamic milieu, where they can develop comprehensive and critical awareness of all aspects of film making. We are shaping the future of cinema. The college is committed to develop strong and independent “filmosophers.” Through its faculty and curriculum, we give the fundamental aesthetic values of the art of cinema. The progressive line starting from providing KNOWLEDGE, making state-of-the-art facility available for PRACTICE on knowledge, developing urge to do RESEARCH, providing environment & feedback required for the SKILL DEVELOPMENT and finally providing PLATFORM for the showcase of their art is the back bone of our methodology. This process under the guidance of industry legends will prepare our students for success in today’s exciting and innovative film making landscape. The set skills and confidence developed at MGM CJMC’s department of Film Arts will fuel our students to rise at the top of today’s demanding entertainment industry.

Our Courses

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