Mahatma Gandhi Mission

Welcome to Mahatma Gandhi Mission The Mahatma Gandhi Mission Trust was established on 20th December, 1982 with a futuristic vision to provide qualitative education by applying innovative and dynamic pedagogical techniques. Since inception, the Trust has focused on providing health care services, school education and higher education with dedication and commitment. The MGM Trust was established in Nanded, (Maharashtra) and in the course of time it extended its services to Aurangabad and Navi Mumbai in Maharashtra and Noida (New Delhi) in UP. A chain of Schools, Engineering, Architecture, Medical, Nursing, Management, Computer Science & IT, Bioinformatics & Biotechnology, Fine Arts and Journalism stand testimony to the endeavors of the Trust. The MGM has been instrumental in promoting Classical Dance and Music for art seekers. The Trust has also paid heed to the aspect of physical fitness by converting a vast expanse of land in to a sports complex with multiple amenities and sports equipments. MGM's lush green and serene campuses are conducive to create a peaceful learning atmosphere. Service to society at the grass root level has been the basic vocation of the Trust along with education.The Trust has been instrumental in providing prompt and efficient health care services to the economically weaker sections of the society. The Trust hospitals and Medical colleges underscore its commitment to human resource development and social health and welfare. The Trust has made phenomenal progress under the able leadership of the founders led by Chairman, Hon. Shri. Kamal Kishore Kadam, Ex-Education Minister, Maharashtra Government. All the founder members are hard core academicians and visionaries inspired by Late Shri Nanasaheb Kadam, an ardent follower of the Gandhian ideology. The recipient of International Environment Trophy, MGM continues its journey, imparting value based services, creating global technocrats and health care personnel.


• To ensure sustainable human development which encourages self reliant and self content society.
• To promote activities related to community service, social welfare and Indian heritage and culture.
• To inculcate the culture of non violence and truthfulness through vipassanna, meditation and Gandhian Philosophy.
• To develop the culture of simple living and high thinking.


• To impart state of the art education and technical expertise to students and give necessary training to teachers to create a self reliant society for the future.
• To encourage students to participate in Indian and International activities in sports, literature, etc. so that the future generation become base for free and liberal society.
• To educate students in areas like Management, Finance, Human relations to inculcate philosophy of simple living and high thinking values of simple economic society.
• To inculcate culture of nonviolence and truthfulness through Vipassanna.
• To sustain activities of Indian culture (viz. classical dance, music & fine arts) through institutes like Mahagami, Naturopathy etc.