Start your journey as a Cinematographer with one of the reputed colleges in India. MGM CJMC’s Dept. Of Film Arts offers you a one-year Diploma devoted to practical training in all aspects of Cinematography and equips you with the skills, knowledge. You will get a 360 Degree support to excel in your chosen field. Join our supportive network of film professionals and sharpen your craft in a group within the nurturing environment of Mahatma Gandhi Mission’s Aurangabad Campus. Our Professional Course In Cinematography is the only fully comprehensive course of its kind, where you will learn your skills from practising Film industry experts and be fully engrossed in the production of your own films. We expect our student to leave as a multitalented filmosopher with an extensive showreel and a network of professional contacts. MGM has proven its expertise in last 35 years.

At a Glance
One year study includes:
• 20 hr practical + 10 hr theory, 20 skill development tasks at film studios, shooting locations per week
• Learn from award-winning, practising film makers
• Create reputation with a community of industry experts
• While developing your skills make your own extensive showreel with help of "state-of-the-art" film making facilities.
• Avail facility of Scholarships given by MGM Trust
• Showcase your Short Film (student project) at AIFF (Aurangabad International Film Festival)
• MGM will promote best short films made by the students at world-class film festivals
• World class DVD, Blu rey, eBooks library (along with all required reference books)

Mahesh Aney


Mahesh Aney is a National Film Award-winning Indian cinematographer. He is a cinematographer of Swades Movie. A Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) graduate with specialization in cinematography, Mahesh Aney has shot more than a thousand commercials including some award-winning films for Pepsi, Kellogg's, Tata Steel, Feviqik and Maggie noodles.

Jaee Kadam


Jaee Kadam has done Post Graduate Diploma in Cinematography She is working in the Direction of Photography Department from last fifteen years as Gaffer, Operative Cameraman. She has Contributed in feature films like Aag and Cappuccino

How to apply

• Register yourself by clicking apply no button for the recent selection workshop.
• Selection Workshop is an activity based selection process. it also consists of apptitude test.
• Applicant is supposee to deposit a fees of Rs. 1000/- at MGM College of Journalism and Mass Communication before the said deadline
• First 40 applications only will be considered for the selection Workshop
• Students selected from the selection workshop will be allowed to take admission in the coming batch

For Upcoming Selection Workshop

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