Amadeus Symphony Studio

Sound Recording & Mixing Studio
Every student from Acting, Directing or Editing stream, should be well aquainted with the knowledge of sound. It cannot be learned through classroom sessions or through reading books or by watching online videos but through practice of hours and hours to develop several skills required to know and master the sound. Hence, MGM CJMC has constructed a state-of-the-art studio at MGM’s Journalism College premises. It is equipped with advance avid pro-tools software and standard microphones, speakers, etc. Our sound studio at the Director's Lounge is one of the major tool in the unique Skill Development Tasks Program.
Major activities undertaken are as follows:
1. How to Record a Song.
2. Recording Vocals.
3. Recording Instruments.
4. Microphone Polar Patterns.
5. Stereo Recording Methods.
6. Mixing on Headphones.